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 Government Property Auctions

Government Property Auctions division was founded to provide a service for investors trying to purchase property well below market rates. By purchasing property listed by the Government including seized, surplus, rate default, foreclosed or otherwise known as distressed properties, one can secure property at quite discounted rates.

The idea is not new but difficult to implement over the 500 or so, Local, State, and Federal agencies.  That is where Agency Development Australia (ADA) comes in. The information on this website has been collected independently from public government websites, gazettes, sheriff listings and classifieds, bringing all the data into one centralised database.

Through our unique patented coding we are able to provide you with immediate information as it relates to Local Council delinquent rate payers to Police Auctions.  There are so many various auction sites and they are located far and wide geographically around Australia.

The idea of providing this service was for 2 main reasons, firstly we saw competitors charging thousands of dollars for a limited selection of government auctions for which we can do far cheaper, and the second is that was our service was more thorough and consistent.  

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Here at ADA we thought let’s provide a service for clients where it provides to their PC or Smart phone an immediate update of upcoming Auctions for clients to profit from.

Great for the budding property investor!

Why trawl over the 500 different websites and newspapers when someone else can do it for you and few dollars?

Join now by applying through the App Store, Google Play or join up using Credit Card or Direct Transfer.


Don’t just take our word for it

“I went to Government Auctions and found the prices well under the valuation, this allows me to buy with confidence and allows me to use the saving as my deposit.  After buying my first property and building on my portfolio home ownership allows me decide on the lifestyle I want to live.  Homes range from a mixed bag of circumstances including people not paying their rates to resumed land that the government no longer wants.  I was so impressed with my first investment I purchased another a year later!”

Jeff W. - ADA Subscriber

“I was sceptical at first, but for a small outlay this service seemed like a 'no brainer' ...and I can cancel the subscription at anytime or when I simply don't want to acquire anymore properties. 

By grabbing a bargain I can rent it out straight away and it pays for itself, or as my accountant says 'negativity gears it" thanks GPA, 

Jason P. -ADA Subscriber

“I have been to a few auctions, I now am comfortable with the process now, just waiting now for the right one to come along - These guys have shown me how to buy without the fear of screwing it up....I can’t believe more people aren’t onto these type of sales.”

Dave M. - ADA Subscriber

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“At ADA we love disrupting industry and providing services that have only been in the past available to institutions and ‘boys' clubs’ or have been too expensive for individuals looking to profit from valuable information”


Frequently Asked Questions

> Will my membership be automatically renewed when it expires?

Yes your membership will be automatically renewed unless other advice have been received or you have unsubcscribed from the service via Paypal. This is advised in the sign up process and in your welcome emails from Paypal or Google / Apple App.

> What is a Rate Default property?

A rate default property can be vacant land, house and land, or land with another type of building erected e.g. commercial/retail or industrial premises. It is when the title owner has defaulted on their annual rate payments to the council over a long period of time. The council then has the legal right to sell the property through public auction to someone who can afford to maintain the property in the future and afford to pay the outstanding rates to date.

> How often are listings updated?

Listings are updated whenever we receive them. We are checking our streams of data weekly, although not every week will there be a listing and at times 20 or 30 can come in from just the one council, so it pays to either have your notifications on (if you are using the App) or check the information we send regularly.

> Are there a lot of listings?

Yes, over a year there are many listings all over Australia.

> Are rate default properties listed with other Real Estate agents?

Not usually. Listings are usually advertised in government paraphernalia and auctions are usually held in council offices. At times where there is little interest the council may list the property with the agent. If it is known to us that they are going through an agent, we will list the Real Estate Agent details.

> What is the price of the average property?

Generally, the price of a rate default is cheap and can be under $100,000 alternatively, if it is property seized by the Federal Police it can be expensive property but still well under market value.

> What should I know before attending a Rates Default auction?

> How do I login?

Depending on the state and council you may be required to lodge a 10% deposit on the day of the auction and the balance due in 30 days. Some councils require the property to be paid in full on the day of the auction. Legal fees and stamp duty will also be payable. Make sure you check all these details before attending the auction. Always call before you leave to attend the auction as any money owing may have been paid at the last minute or the date of the auction may have changed.

After subscribing, you should receive a welcome email from ADA which will have your username and password. If you do not receive an email. please check your spam and junk email folders. Please note that your email will be delivered to the email account that is linked to your Paypal account, so ensure that you are checking the correct email account for the welcome email

> Is this site affiliated with the Australian Government?

No, this particular company Agency Development Australia is not affiliated with the Australian government, federal, state or local. We do however list properties they put up for public auction.

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