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Agency Development Australia is proud to partner with a broad range of developers, planners, bankers, tax specialist to provide a successful outcome for clients. 

ADA provides an analytical approach for real estate options and is a leading source of general financial information and education on the latest strategies for wealth creation and financial freedom through seminars, webinars, articles, case studies, videos as well as individual fact-finding consultations.

These consultations enable us to determine our client’s circumstances, then map out various general information alternatives towards their desired objectives. We call this the Prime Wealth Guide.

To achieve this, we have built strong relationships with industry leaders in areas of Advanced Finance Structures, Positive Property Services, Advanced Accounting Services & Strategic Financial Planning. ADA clients are essentially paired to industry partners for expert advice. 


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Don’t just take our word for it

“I went to Government Auctions and found the prices well under the valuation, this allows me to buy with confidence and allows me to use the saving as my deposit.  After buying my first property and building on my portfolio home ownership allows me decide on the lifestyle I want to live.  Homes range from a mixed bag of circumstances including people not paying their rates to resumed land that the government no longer wants.  I was so impressed with my first investment I purchased another a year later!”

Jeff W. - ADA Subscriber

“I was sceptical at first, but for a small outlay this service seemed like a 'no brainer' ...and I can cancel the subscription at anytime or when I simply don't want to acquire anymore properties. 

By grabbing a bargain I can rent it out straight away and it pays for itself, or as my accountant says 'negativity gears it" thanks GPA

Jason P. -ADA Subscriber

“I have been to a few auctions, I now am comfortable with the process now, just waiting now for the right one to come along - These guys have shown me how to buy without the fear of screwing it up....I can’t believe more people aren’t onto these type of sales.”

Dave M. - ADA Subscriber

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